About Us

Although ideas-to-product-to-business is a long and arduous process, end of the day, it is the ideas that advance human life, transform society.

Culturally, we are witnessing a remarkable period.

Never in the history of mankind had so many young people felt so passionate about their own ideas and shown the commitment to realize those ideas.

Never in the history of mankind had so many young people created so much wealth in such a short time from simple innovative ideas.

IdeasMarkt believes

  • that every innovative idea is worth pursuing
  • that every innovative idea must generate some wealth for the innovator

We provide the information and the network to realize your idea, and create wealth.


  • Know the ecosystem where idea can be tested for its usefulness
  • Read the experience of success, and more importantly, of failures
  • Find where you can incubate your idea, find a co-working space


  • How and where you can convert your idea to a product or process
  • Find the nearest maker’s hub or fabrication facility, or the partner


  • Post your innovation for life
  • Offer your innovation for commercialisation
  • Trade your IPR, Take bulk orders, Solicit trade partner


  • Know where to get incubation funding
  • Know where to get business funding
  • Find a CA, Find an IPR consultant, Find a lawyer


  • Check if your idea is already a business
  • Check the ideas that have worked, and that have failed
  • Find a start-up to partner